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Super Mario Bros. 2 is a BIG FAT LIE

You know, I’ve been thinking lately that a large chunk of my childhood was a big fat lie. I played a game as a child on the NES, which many of us “older” gamers might remember. It was a little title called Super Mario Bros. 2. You might have heard about it. I loved this game. It had very little in common with the first Super Mario Bros., but it was so out of the ball park that I loved it anyway. You could pick one of four characters at the beginning of the game each of which had different powers. Mario could run fast (i think); Luigi could jump really high and had some great hang time; Peach could float and Toad had excellent staying power not losing strength when carrying objects. Playing as each different character made the game a little different. Level design was great too: grassy plains, snow and ice, desert and dark caves.

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My iPhone, My Apps

I see my family about once a year. We’re quite spread out. Our traditional nuclear family is dispersed as though we had chosen where to live by throwing darts at a map. My sisters are in Minneapolis and Washington DC and my parents are still in the good old Quad Cities. My aim must be the worst, because I’m in Mannheim, Germany. Every September, my parents rent a house on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina and their three children do their best to travel there to catch up as a family, share stories and soak in some final sun rays before the long winter. We don’t do much with our time on the island. Relaxing is about all that gets done. Continue reading

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Cool MacBook Decals

The Mrs uses my old MacBook. I’ve reverted to the land of PCs for various reasons, but I still use and love my iPhone and we will most likely organize an iPad for the Mrs’ birthday. If I still used an Apple computer, I’d be all over these decals.

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The Music of our Lives

We are all, to some degree madly in love with ourselves. The mirror hung on the wall is greeted with a smile in the mornings and our blogs, our twitters and our facebooks brag of achievements monumental only to ourselves. Our triumphs and tragedies go unnoticed by the masses.

But, what if?

What if a big-time studio bought the rights to your life’s story?

Would it adequately document the memes of our age?

Would your hopes and fears and fights and loves and successes and suffers translate well to the Silver Screen? Continue reading

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Germany’s Chances 2010

I posted these following paragraphs to my old and now long dead blog in the summer of 2006. Excited at the success of my adopted country’s showing in the World Cup, I wrote with a fervor generally reserved for the fanatic. It’s not the only piece I wrote about Germany’s football team and the cracked road to glory, but in its elation, you might discern my upset just one day later. Continue reading

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Saturday and the Music of the Dead

So I’m sitting here on Saturday afternoon writing with no aim other than to let my claws tickle the keyboard. It’s been over a week and my fingertips are clearing eight or nine days of dust away as they type. Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy theme has got some nice bass and the sub woofer’s making my cold glass of Pepsi do the Jurasic Park thing. Behind me and to the left I can hear my fiancé talking to strangers over Xbox Live while she races through some Italian or French metropolis with no regard to the lives of the e-people who live there.

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Ramble 1

I wish I could meet Murphy, the guy who wrote all the Murphy’s Law idioms. I don’t mean Candice Bergen, although I wouldn’t mind rewatching a few episodes of Murphy Brown. Are they still funny? Were they ever? I had a dog named Murphy as a kid. He was huge. Irish Wolfhound. Big for an Irish Wolfhound. The UPS driver would never get out of his truck to deliver packages because Murphy was pony-sized and greeted every visitor with a toothy smile. Murphy would be a good name for a kid. If I ever have one. Not as good as Apollo. I think we’re not going to have kids because I insist that if he’s a boy, he’ll be named Apollo.

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People of Earth, herewith I present to you Neverread, the weblog that will never be read about writings that will never be read. Fear not, you are not at risk. That which will ensue is no more harmful than a paper cut but equally as painful and irritating.

I can count all of the experience I’ve had in writing a blog on one finger. A while back, I wrote an opinion blog for an Internet Continue reading

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