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Germany’s Chances 2010

I posted these following paragraphs to my old and now long dead blog in the summer of 2006. Excited at the success of my adopted country’s showing in the World Cup, I wrote with a fervor generally reserved for the fanatic. It’s not the only piece I wrote about Germany’s football team and the cracked road to glory, but in its elation, you might discern my upset just one day later.

Germany’s Chances

Posted: 2006-07-03

Juergen Klinsman did it! He got a misfit batch of baby-faced nobodies into the final four of the World Cup. Who’d have thunk that a bunch of 21 year olds could down a Football giant like Argentina. OK, there are some tried-and-true pros on the German team like Klose and Ballack, but what about 21 year olds Poldolski (tied for second in the tournament for most goals), Schweinsteiger (proving to be the strongest midfielder of the tournament) and Odonkor (almost single-handedly saving the games against Argentina and Poland). These kids can play.

The Germany Italy match is tomarrow. No offense to any Italians reading this, but if you know your team, you know they play dirty. Causing the German squad physical pain might get Italy a win, but it will most definately leave their team with many holes in the final due to cards. But unlike Germany, Italy hasn’t been tested yet in this tournament. Germany will beat a decisevly better Italian squad tommarow.

Before the World Cup started, many experts made the claim that whomever can beat Argentina or Brazil will become world champion. Wait a minute, does that mean that BOTH Germany and France will become World Champ? Nobody expected both Brazil and Argentina to lose in the Group of Eight. That makes two strong teams. On Wednesday France takes on Portugal hopefully to make for a France-Germany final. Of course Germany will have the home-court advantage, but France’s fans don’t live all that far away.

It’s been a good World Cup so far, and although it’s coming to an end, it’s going to be an end well worth it

Not much to say about the match. Germany fought for 84 minutes, and then Italy broke their back. Odonkor cried. So did 80 million Germans. Italy went on to win against France and proudly sew a fourth star into their azure jerseys.

It’s been 3 and a half years since Germany lost in the semis to Italy. They’d lost to Brazil in the final match four years before that and again to Spain in the European Cup finals in 2008. It would seem Germany has developed a tradition of losing in the big games.

Can Germany do it this year? Can they win the whole thing? Once again the team is a rag-tag assembly of the mediocre, the youthful and a has-been or two thrown in for flavor. But Germany has made a ritual of surprising more talented teams into defeat and with its excellent midfield the outlook isn’t that bad.

June is close. South Africa awaits. For 80 million Germans, this is the year the cup comes home. They say you can’t win them all, and Germany hasn’t. That’s why my money’s on the white shirts and black shorts.


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