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The Music of our Lives

We are all, to some degree madly in love with ourselves. The mirror hung on the wall is greeted with a smile in the mornings and our blogs, our twitters and our facebooks brag of achievements monumental only to ourselves. Our triumphs and tragedies go unnoticed by the masses.

But, what if?

What if a big-time studio bought the rights to your life’s story?

Would it adequately document the memes of our age?

Would your hopes and fears and fights and loves and successes and suffers translate well to the Silver Screen?

Would it be a feel-good flick, light-hearted and happy?


Would the tragic depth of your existence move the cinema goers to blubber in tears?


Would your narrative bore all but the pretentious aficionados of “fine art”?

Most good films are infected with emotion through the accompanying score. Name Oscar’s Best Picture of any year, and more often than not the music was just as memorable as the movie itself.

If your life were a big-budget Hollywood epos, who would you want to do the soundtrack?

I’d be torn between Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen, but I wouldn’t kick John Williams out of bed either. Although not reserved to instruments with keys, both Glass and Tiersen are masters of haunting a piano, bending notes like a telekinetic bends spoons. Music from both of them has appeared in many films inflecting them with sensations without which the movies might have fallen flat.

So, who would it be? Who would score your life?

This is just food for thought on a cold and damp Friday afternoon.

This is the Glass melody that defines The Truman Show.

Yann Tiersen’s Summer 78 transformed Good Bye Lenin! from a nostolgic comedy into a film bleeding with sentimentality.


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