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Super Mario Bros. 2 is a BIG FAT LIE

You know, I’ve been thinking lately that a large chunk of my childhood was a big fat lie. I played a game as a child on the NES, which many of us “older” gamers might remember. It was a little title called Super Mario Bros. 2. You might have heard about it. I loved this game. It had very little in common with the first Super Mario Bros., but it was so out of the ball park that I loved it anyway. You could pick one of four characters at the beginning of the game each of which had different powers. Mario could run fast (i think); Luigi could jump really high and had some great hang time; Peach could float and Toad had excellent staying power not losing strength when carrying objects. Playing as each different character made the game a little different. Level design was great too: grassy plains, snow and ice, desert and dark caves.

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